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Creating business through farming. 

Ang yunit na ito ay naglalaman ng kasaysayan ng pamamahayag sa Pilipinas at iba pang kontribusyon ng mga manunulat ....

This course deals with the development of basic skills and appreciation of individual and dual sports.

This Course Subject describes the following......

Fundamentals of Agriculture and Business Mgt.

deals on meal preparations.....

It deals with the study of animal or animal life......

This course covers the fundamental aspects of biochemistry and the structure and dynamics of important cellular components. The properties and metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, lipids, and other important biochemical compounds are also discussed.

College Algebra
The course deals with the Life, Works and Writings of Jose Rizal
A study of comparison of six (6) selected model countries as to its political system.
Includes Properties of Numbers, Factoring Polynomials, etc.
Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
Algebra of mathematics

It deals with production of crops with the emphasis of physical activities

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